Personal Contact Programme (PCP)

NIOS students study at their own using self instructional material. However, while learning they do confront certain problems and need various types of help and guidance. For clarification of their doubts, NIOS conducts 30 Personal Contact Programme (PCPs) for theory subjects out of which 15 are compulsory. Five additional PCPs are allotted for subjects having practicals on face to face basis, generally on week ends and holidays, in the first year of admission, by the AI (Study Centre).

The five (05) PCP Practicals will be utilized for learning and Formative Assessment. A weightage of 50% of the marks will be awarded for formative assessment (05 Practical classes) and 50% marks for the 6th Practical class (Last) for Summative Assessment. These PCP sessions will be conducted at assigned Study Centres (AIs) from November onwards for Block-I and from May onwards for Block-II.

The contact sessions are not meant for covering the curriculum. DO NOT EXPECT FULL TIME CLASSROOM TEACHING as in the formal education system. The teachers are there to help and guide the learner with regard to difficulties faced during PCP sessions. It would be in learners interest to attend all the contact sessions. Attendance in five practical sessions is compulsory.

NOTE : Do not pay any extra amount to the AI for attending PCP classes.